Can you believe that just over a month ago we were celebrating the Australian new Year, and here we are about to do it all again for the Chinese New Year... the year of the pig.

We’ve put together these 5 things you may or not may know, to help you through the festivities to come.

1. 15 Days of Celebrations

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. Kicking off with New Year’s Day on February 5th, and finishing with the Lantern Festival on February 19th. There will be singing, dancing, activities and culinary delights. Communities all over the country will gather together, and ring in the new year with excitement and hopes of luck and good fortune.


2. Thousands of Potential Customers

As the thousands of potential customers prepare to walk through the doors of many different food establishments, it might be a good idea (if you haven’t already) to offer a dish to accommodate the Chinese New Year demographic. You could also translate your menu into Chinese to encourage more covers, increase revenue and avoid language barriers.


3. Secure Your Assets

Not only is the pig the 12th animal in the zodiac, according to folklores the pig is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. It is also said that while pigs avoid wasting money, they can be a little materialistic. Why not treat your equipment a little the same, don’t waste money where you don’t need to. Have your equipment serviced by a professional or upgraded, depending on the age of your unit. We have specialists to guide you through the process, and help you decide if buying a new unit is right for you. However, if upgrading is something you’re considering...

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4. Things to Do and Not to Do

According to traditions and superstitions, these should be considered for a year of luck and prosperity.

To Do:

  • Celebrate your New Year with some traditional Chinese wine such as Tusu Wine (屠苏酒—tú sū jiǔ). According to some traditions, wine is blessed and consumed first by the eldest member of the family. However, with this wine even children can drink first.
  • Spend time with loved ones, and celebrate the Lunar New Year together.
  • Remember to fill those little red pockets with money. These are traditionally passed on from the elder generation, blessings the younger generation with a year good fortune. But over the years this has reversed, and the younger generation now give to the elder generation, as a show of thankfulness and blessing of long life. You can read more about red pockets here:
  • Indulge in dumplings... because of their gold like resemblance and pure yumminess, dumplings are considered as a symbol of wealth for the year ahead.


Not to Do:

  • Shower or wash your hair, you might wash away the good luck.
  • Clean house after midnight on New Year’s Eve, legend has it that you will sweep, wipe or wash away all the luck that arrived at midnight on New Year’s Day.
  • Sleep in on New Year’s Day... this is considered to deliver a year of laziness.
  • Don’t be angry or argue with anyone. You should be auspicious and kind and enjoy the festive time.


5. Our Favourite Recipe for Spring Festival

We’re going to leave you with a yummy and delicious recipe, to cook for your family and friends over this Chinese New Year. We spoke earlier about dumplings, so it only seems fitting to give you one of our staff’s homemade dumpling recipes to enjoy.


Bernie’s Pork & Prawn Dumplings

 DCE dumpling recipe by Bernie

1 x packet of store bought dumpling wrappers
250g of pork mince
250g of prawn mince
1/3 cup of water chestnuts
3-4 dried shiitake mushroom caps – hydrate the night before
Chinese wine or dry sherry
Light Soy Sauce
Salt and Pepper


Mixing Method:
Combine pork and prawn mince, finely chop the water chestnuts and mushrooms and add to the mince mixture. Add wine or sherry, soy sauce and seasoning to taste.

Spoon a teaspoon of mixture onto the middle of the wrapper.

Wet along edges of wrapper with a small amount of water.

Bring the edges together and crimp to seal.

Your dumplings are now ready for boiling or steaming.


Cooking Method:

Add to a pot of boiling water and boil until they float.

Put on a plate with baking paper, spray with oil to avoid sticking. Place in a water filled frypan with trivet or a bamboo steamer. Cover and steam for 10-15mins.


Serve and Enjoy!


year of the pig 2019 


So, no matter what your plans are for this year’s celebrations, we hope this Chinese New Year brings good fortune and happiness for the year ahead.

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