A restaurant kitchen undergoes great pressure during the holiday season. All equipment will work overtime and your staff will exhaust themselves. On top of the hectic days and nights, you must remain consistent in quality service to your customers. If you are unable to provide this, you could end the season with a bad reputation. The only way to overcome the expected hustle and bustle of Christmas is to prepare.

Your restaurant kitchen equipment will endure it’s most use; hence they are a vital part of preparations for the holiday season. Read on to know how to prepare your restaurant kitchen equipment for the coming holiday period.


  • Maintenance

It is important to maintain your restaurant kitchen equipment in working order and to ensure they are functioning as they have been designed to. Before the holidays hit, be sure to reach out to an experienced technician to perform complete maintenance services on all the restaurant kitchen equipment. Don’t leave anything out. Without maintenance, you could experience sudden machine failure, poor results or performance, etc. Something else to consider is how your finances can be impacted by an inconvenient breakdown. Any of these situations can be highly embarrassing and damaging when you have customers to satisfy during the holiday season.


  • Repair and Replace

A maintenance service or regular inspection will help you identify faulty or underperforming restaurant kitchen equipment. Make plans for repairs or replacements before the holiday season. If you hold off until the holidays start, you will be taking a huge risk. The busy days will increase the strain on the machines, possibly shutting them down completely. Not to mention, it may be expensive to fix them during the holiday, as technicians may hit you with a holiday surcharge or worse, have to close your kitchen during the busy period to allow for an installation. It’s also important to ensure you use OEM parts where possible, as you could be causing yourself more issues by cutting corners as explains Comcater.


  • Cleaning

There’s no better time to conduct thorough equipment cleaning than now. Chances are, you might not find the time to perform such a full clean once the kitchen gets too busy. Leave nothing untouched or uncleaned. Better still… clean the entire kitchen while you are at it, and ensure the kitchen temperature and other conditions are at an optimum for your equipment.


  • Train your staff

Because of the booming hours, you might hire a few additional employees. When that happens, fresh workers need to be trained on how the restaurant operates but more importantly on how to use all the equipment. The last thing you need is an inexperienced employee messing up your hard work of maintenance and repairs, by misusing your equipment.


  • Gear up

Do you have all the equipment you need? Consider purchasing all necessary equipment including those that can help you work better or faster in the kitchen. Think of equipment for food preparation (cooktops, grills, fryers, processors, blenders and more), and items to help you clean up in between orders like dishwashers & glasswashers and so on. And don’t forget safety items like exhaust canopies and fire extinguishers.



Be sure to browse the store right here to find the latest equipment in the restaurant kitchen industry to add to your existing line-up or replace old ones. Also if you need some guidance on how to better prepare yourself for the busy period, feel free to speak to one of our friendly staff on 1300 111 323. Dynamic Catering Equipment even provides free kitchen audit to better see what your weaknesses in the kitchen could be.