DCE have put together a few items that could be essential, to implement your businesses economic survival strategy!

The Australian Government announced that to contain the COVID-19 virus, its restricting all foodservice industry businesses to delivery and takeaway only. Most non-traditional delivery/take away operations, will require some changes in their day-to-day food handling and delivery method activity.

Food holding, fast service and the ability to provide Safe Delivery Methods will separate you from your competition.

Maximise your opportunities to ensure your businesses success through this global crisis, by having the right tools for the job. Below is a small list of suggested products that may assist you and your operation to stay in the game.

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DCE Takeaway Storage Containers

1000ML - LARGE $50.00 INCL. GST - BUY NOW!

DCE Takeaway Storage Containers
650ML - MEDIUM $44.00 INCL. GST - BUY NOW!

DCE Takeaway Storage Containers
500ML - SMALL $40.00 INCL. GST - BUY NOW!


Are You Holding Enough Stock to Run your Business Efficiently!

PanicBuying is making some suppliers run very low on frozen products – to be able to store your stock during this chaotic times we’ve checked with our suppliers to see how we can help you and your business.

We have secured a number of the below items to service our customers. Chest Freezers, Vacuum bags and accessories to store your precious products.

Flat Glass Slide Lid Chest Freezer - 444L - BUY NOW!

Leibherr Chest Freezer EFE

Flat Solid Top Lid Chest Freezer - 296L - BUY NOW!

Bromic Chest Freezer CF



Looking for vacuum sealer machines and bags, look no further we have a great range. Consider if you need in chamber or out of chamber, the type of bag you get to suit the right machine is important.

Evox 30 Vacuum Sealer (bags sold separately) - BUY NOW!

 Orved Vacuum Machine


If you would like to find out more about how you can survive this pandemic, please call our specialists on 1300 111 323.