Today, where compliance takes a great part of your time as a DON or Catering Manager, we would like to help you remain on top of your organisation.

Food preparation areas are high-risk for cross-contamination in any building.

In aged care facilities and hospitals, the risks associated with viruses and bacteria are many times greater than your average restaurant or takeaway business.

DCE recognises this, has requested assistance from its supplier partners, and now offers FREE “Safety Checks”.

We have kitchen equipment experts at your disposal ready to carry out OH&S assessments in your kitchen as well as help you review the food preparation processes to minimise cost and reduce risks.

 A briefing with your staff at convenient times will ascertain in which areas we can best assist.

We will then arrange for the correct DCE partner with specialised knowledge in the field to carry out the corresponding Safety Check (or checks, as required).

The actual Safety Checks will be carried out together with your catering staff to ensure that you are not running OH&S risks whilst operating the equipment, and that the right processes are in place to meet the HACCP and cross-contamination requirements.

Outcomes will then be reported back to you so that you can decide if you would like to engage DCE to carry out corrective work if any required.

The audits will provide important information on areas that could impact the following sectors of your business:

- A comprehensive equipment maintenance health check;
- Staff training of safe work practices and OH&S possible risks;
- Recommendations, if required, on replacement of equipment and or tools. We will recommend the right equipment that it fit for purpose.
- Extensive information on preventative maintenance and automation to HACCP recording

At Dynamic Catering Equipment, we are committed to all our clients and Engage associates!

Please contact us today to set up a FREE SAFETY CHECK appraisal meeting: 1300 000 323 or