We really pay attention to the opinion of the Design Experts. They constantly share insights on the hot hospitality design trends, and we want to share them with you. We've picked the top 5 most prevalent trends we've seen throughout this year in hospitality design!

 All That Glitters Is Gold

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You are no longer be limited to silver or stainless steel fixtures. Feel free to mix and match finish colors, or go bold with all gold. This will keep your space looking fresh, eye-catching and somewhere people will definitely talk about!

Mixed Metal Heaven


According the world-renowned designer, Kelly Hoppen, mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. Matching every metal finish in a single room now looks too staged. Try mixing and matching in your future hospitality project.

A Touch Of The Blues


The hospitality world is definitely seeing a case of the navy blues.  A truly versatile colour, it plays so well with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage. Architect Barbara Bestor’s tried-and-true?  Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy mixed with a little black. Plus it is one of the  Pantone Colours of the Year.

Smoky Glass

smokey glass.jpg

Smoky glass strikes a tension between raw and refined, masculine and feminine. The smokiness adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to an otherwise typical material

Jungle Fever

jungle fever.jpg

Restaurant design is moving away from marble and subway tiles and towards nature. Cascading plants, giant potted trees, native flowers and Insta-worthy succulent features are a sure fire way to keep your interior interesting and people coming back time and time again.

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