In a recent article in the Brisbane Courier-Mail, Restaurant and Catering Australia chief executive Juliana Payne talked about the battle hospitality operators face, “The restaurant industry is always really competitive, costs are high, so you can see a high turnover in businesses."

Restaurants & Catering Australia figures show restaurant and café numbers increased from 32,000 to 45,000 between 2012 and 2017, meaning it’s an exciting but challenging time for the hospitality sector, as the pressure to attract and retain customers, while managing operating costs, becomes critical.

Whilst labour is a key variable for any hospitality business, there are so many other areas where you can improve your establishment and still keep operating costs in check. Refrigeration is one such example.

 How you determine which refrigeration choice can be a weapon in the battle for customers in an intensely competitive Australian hospitality sector. Here are five key questions that can help guide your thinking: 

  • Will it keep my food and beverage safe and in the best condition? Fridges must be able to consistently keep food out of the ‘danger zone’ in terms of temperature.
  • Will it have a positive effect on operating costs, especially my energy bill? An efficient fridge should lower your energy bill, which represents a significant chunk of your operating costs.
  • Will it add to the atmosphere I am trying to create? A fridge must fit with your design theme, present its content attractively and, most of all, not disturb your patrons with any undue noise.
  • Will it be dependable no matter what? Refrigeration for any hospitality business must be highly reliable, even under tough climatic conditions, and if servicing is required, easy to access and upgrade.
  • Will it become outdated too quickly? Your fridge must be adaptable to future trends e.g. laws requiring different refrigerants, or new technology like online monitoring.

DCE has worked with SKOPE to develop a detailed guide that digs deeper into each of these questions, and provides useful guidance in selecting a fridge that can have a positive impact on your hospitality operation.

 Download the free eBook here.