DCE Online stocks a complete range of commercial bakery products for establishments of any size or capacity. Whether you are a wholesale or retail bakery or even a pizza shop, DCE offers a variety of products that can be scaled up or down as per your requirements. Choose from a range of spiral mixers, planetary mixers, dough dividers, sheeters, moulders, rollers and proofers to improve the efficiency of your establishment. We understand that setting up a bakery or purchasing bakery equipment can be a difficult task. If you have any queries or questions, please contact us and our inhouse bakers will be more than happy to give you advice and recommendations on how you can get the maximum potential out of your equipment.
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Mono Metro Moulder

Price of Agreement

Mono Dough Conical Rounder

Price of Agreement

Mono Mini Moulder

Price of Agreement

Mono Automatic Jammer

Price of Agreement

Mono Bread Roll Slicer

Price of Agreement

Mono Fusion Bread Plant

Price of Agreement

Mono Combination Moulder

Price of Agreement

KSS 10 Tray Bakery Trolley 1829-BAK10

WAS A$1,079.00

NOW A$799.00

Anvil Axis Proving Cabinet - POA0001

WAS A$1,600.00

NOW A$1,344.00

Mecnosud Dough Roller 40cm Parallel DRM1040

WAS A$2,000.00

NOW A$1,680.00

INOMAK UFI1170G Single Glass Door Fridge

WAS A$2,875.00

NOW A$2,415.00

Mono 16 Tray Prover FG177

WAS A$10,120.00

NOW A$5,060.00

Friulco Pizza Sprint Dough Roller - M33

WAS A$5,990.00

NOW A$5,391.00

Everlasting Retarder Prover - RPE0790

WAS A$8,750.00

NOW A$7,350.00

Friulco Heavy Duty Pizza Dough Sheeter - M51

WAS A$8,595.00

NOW A$7,735.00