Fitting your business with the right cooking equipment is the most important aspect of any restaurant or foodservice establishment. Whether you are looking to get a new kitchen or to simply upgrade or expand your current kitchen, DCE has the widest range of commercial cooking equipment like ovens, cooktops, ranges, woks and even specialised cooking equipment such as kebab machines, tandoor ovens and charcoal chicken rotisseries. Our vast range caters to any budget or requirement and our experienced consultants with chefing experience are only too happy to answer any questions you may have and provide expert advice.
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Cobra CW1H - 600mm Gas Waterless Wok

WAS A$2,990.00

NOW A$2,332.00

Anvil Apex Conveyor Pizza Oven - POK0003

WAS A$2,800.00

NOW A$2,352.00

Trueheat T90-6 900mm 6 Burner Cooktop

WAS A$2,802.00

NOW A$2,354.00

Trueheat T90-0-90G 900mm Griddle Plate

WAS A$2,802.00

NOW A$2,355.00

Luus Professional 3 Burner Salamander - SM-90

WAS A$3,100.00

NOW A$2,418.00

Trueheat CRS42G Gas Deep Fryer

WAS A$2,912.00

NOW A$2,446.00

Cobra CF2 - 400mm Gas Fryer - Single Pan

WAS A$3,150.00

NOW A$2,457.00

Cobra CSP6 - 600mm Gas Waterless Stockpot

WAS A$3,190.00

NOW A$2,488.00

Luus Professional 2 Burner Cooktop - CS-2B

WAS A$3,200.00

NOW A$2,496.00

Luus Professional 300mm Chargrill - CS-3C

WAS A$3,200.00

NOW A$2,496.00

Roband Rotisserie - R10

WAS A$3,053.00

NOW A$2,632.00

Effeuno V Line Pizza Oven - V1

WAS A$3,200.00

NOW A$2,880.00

Pitco Model 35C+S Tube Fired Gas Fryer

WAS A$3,435.00

NOW A$2,885.00

Luus Essentials 600mm Griddle - BCH-6P

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$2,886.00

Luus Essentials 600mm Chargrill - BCH-6C

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$2,886.00

Luus Essentials 4 Burner Cooktop - BCH-4B

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$2,960.00

Cobra CT6 - 600mm Gas Griddle Toaster

WAS A$3,889.00

NOW A$3,033.00