Chargrills are perfect for any kitchen that cooks chicken, sausages, lamb, steaks and seafood. The unique grill design ensures a perfect sear and cooking result every time. Combining high power and efficiency, Chargrills maximise productivity while ensuring precise cooking. Chargrills are available in a variety of sizes and types and can also be customised with a range of accessories including griddle plates, churrasco rotating grills, volcanic rock and adjustable grill grates.
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Asado PGA.EL9.0900 Parilla Grill

WAS A$13,750.00

NOW A$10,973.00

Asado PGA.EL9.1200 Parilla Grill

WAS A$16,650.00

NOW A$13,287.00

Garland GF24-BRL 610mm Char Broiler - NG

WAS A$7,127.00

NOW A$5,987.00

Luus Asian 1200mm Teppanyaki Grill - CS-12PT

WAS A$6,750.00

NOW A$5,265.00

Luus Asian 600mm Teppanyaki Grill - CS-6PT

WAS A$4,750.00

NOW A$3,705.00

Luus Asian 900mm Teppanyaki Grill - CS-9PT

WAS A$5,850.00

NOW A$4,563.00

Luus Essentials 300mm Chargrill - BCH-3C

WAS A$2,800.00

NOW A$2,184.00

Luus Essentials 300mm Griddle - BCH-3P

WAS A$2,800.00

NOW A$2,184.00

Luus Essentials 600mm Chargrill - BCH-6C

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$2,886.00

Luus Essentials 600mm Griddle - BCH-6P

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$2,886.00

Luus Essentials 900mm Chargrill - BCH-9C

WAS A$4,650.00

NOW A$3,627.00

Luus Essentials 900mm Griddle - BCH-9P

WAS A$4,650.00

NOW A$3,627.00

Luus Professional 1200mm Chargrill - CS-12C

WAS A$6,050.00

NOW A$4,719.00

Luus Professional 300mm Chargrill - CS-3C

WAS A$3,200.00

NOW A$2,496.00


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