Let your customers see and smell delicious chickens and kebabs cook right in front of their eyes. Charcoal rotisseries add a great visual appeal to your food and entice your customers to purchase. The rotisseries slowly roasts meat to a juicy, succulent finish using charcoal. Any fat that melts and drips into the charcoal generates a delicious smoky flavour that is enjoyed by millions of Australians everyday!
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Semak Medium Charcoal Spit Fireproof - M10CBM

WAS A$1,300.00

NOW A$1,170.00

Semak Large S/Steel Charcoal Spit - M10CSL

WAS A$1,500.00

NOW A$1,350.00

Semak Large Charcoal Spit Fireproof - M10CBL

WAS A$1,500.00

NOW A$1,350.00

Anvil Axis Chicken Rotisserie - CGA0008

WAS A$2,000.00

NOW A$1,680.00

2 Tier Charcoal Rotisserie - M28C2

WAS A$8,900.00

NOW A$8,010.00

3 Tier Charcoal Rotisserie - M28C

WAS A$9,725.00

NOW A$8,753.00