Our counterline range covers a wide variety of products from bain maries, induction cookers, microwave ovens and grills/toasters all the way to meat mincers, vegetable cutters and juicers/blenders. Whatever the type, size or scale of your establishment, our counterline equipment range covers all the essentials that you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.
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Woodson W.BPS10 - Single Boiling Plate

WAS A$280.00

NOW A$235.00

Robalec Rice Warmer 9.6Lt - SW9600

WAS A$350.00

NOW A$301.47

Robalec Rice Cooker 5.4Lt - SW5400

WAS A$353.00

NOW A$303.80

Semak Rice Cooker 30 Cup - RC3011

WAS A$350.00

NOW A$315.00

Woodson W.FRS50 - Single Pan 5L Fryer

WAS A$530.00

NOW A$445.00

Woodson W.FRS80 - Single Pan 8L Fryer

WAS A$590.00

NOW A$495.60

Robalec Rice Cooker 10Lt - SW10000

WAS A$576.00

NOW A$495.86

Roband Single Pan Fryer - F18

WAS A$593.00

NOW A$511.00

Roband Vertical Toaster 5 Slices - TC55

WAS A$663.00

NOW A$572.00

Roband Vertical Toaster 6 Slices - TC66

WAS A$673.00

NOW A$580.00

Unique Sous Vide Circulator - SV150

WAS A$695.00

NOW A$583.80

Roband Grill Max Toaster

WAS A$698.00

NOW A$602.00

Roband Grill Max Toaster - GMX610

WAS A$712.00

NOW A$613.00

Roband Grill Max Toaster - GMX810

WAS A$719.00

NOW A$619.00

Roband Grill Max Toaster - GMX815

WAS A$720.00

NOW A$620.00

Roband Griddle Hot Plate - G400

WAS A$729.00

NOW A$629.00

Hatco TPT-230-4 Hi-Watt Pop-Up Toaster

WAS A$830.00

NOW A$687.00

Roband Grill Max Toaster - GMX810G

WAS A$809.00

NOW A$697.00

Unique Sous Vide Circulator - SV102

WAS A$849.00

NOW A$713.16