Our counterline range covers a wide variety of products from bain maries, induction cookers, microwave ovens and grills/toasters all the way to meat mincers, vegetable cutters and juicers/blenders. Whatever the type, size or scale of your establishment, our counterline equipment range covers all the essentials that you need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.
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Anvil Axis Conveyor Toaster 3 Slice - CTK0002

WAS A$1,300.00

NOW A$1,092.00

Rheninghaus Slicer 300mm - SSR0300

WAS A$1,350.00

NOW A$1,134.00

Skymsen Tilting Blender 25 Litre - LQS0025

WAS A$1,500.00

NOW A$1,260.00

Complete Stainless Steel Chip Dump

WAS A$1,572.00

NOW A$1,320.00

Anvil Alto FPA0001 Food Processor

WAS A$1,850.00

NOW A$1,554.00

Stand to suit F350VO Slicer

WAS A$1,870.00

NOW A$1,683.00

Mr Waffles Commercial Jaffle Iron Single

WAS A$1,990.00

NOW A$1,791.00

Culinaire Free Standing Chip Dump - CH.CD

WAS A$2,280.00

NOW A$1,915.00

Effeuno E Line Pizza Oven - P234H

WAS A$2,200.00

NOW A$1,980.00

Ceado Centrifugal Juice Extractor

WAS A$2,400.00

NOW A$2,016.00

Robot Coupe Blixer 3 Food Processor

WAS A$2,750.00

NOW A$2,165.00

Orved Evox 30 Vacuum Sealer - VMO030E

WAS A$2,650.00

NOW A$2,226.00

Hobart Medium Duty Manual Slicer 300mm - EDGE

WAS A$4,290.00

NOW A$2,574.00

Orved Vacuum Sealer Commercial - VMO0315

WAS A$3,250.00

NOW A$2,730.00

Paramount BM10ATS - 10 Litre Planetary Mixer

WAS A$3,497.00

NOW A$2,798.00

Effeuno V Line Pizza Oven - V1

WAS A$3,200.00

NOW A$2,880.00

Glass Polisher - SGP1000

WAS A$3,450.00

NOW A$2,898.00

Rieber ZUB1 - 1 x 1/1 GN Delivery Trolley

WAS A$3,762.00

NOW A$2,934.00

Friulco Centrifugal Juicer - IOTA

WAS A$3,295.00

NOW A$2,965.00

Cobra CT6 - 600mm Gas Griddle Toaster

WAS A$3,889.00

NOW A$3,033.00

Ceado Centrifugal Juice Extractor - CJC0700

WAS A$3,700.00

NOW A$3,108.00

Mr Waffles Commercial Jaffle Iron Double

WAS A$3,590.00

NOW A$3,231.00

Orved Chamber Vacuum Sealer Model - VMO0012

WAS A$4,000.00

NOW A$3,360.00