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BC074 1 Solid Door Upright Non-GN Freezer

WAS A$5,180.00

NOW A$3,730.00

BC120 2 Solid Door Underbench Non-GN Freezer

WAS A$4,565.00

NOW A$3,287.00

BC126 2 Solid Door Upright Non-GN Freezer

WAS A$7,095.00

NOW A$5,108.00

Chest Freezer 161L Curved Top IGC 2

WAS A$1,715.00

NOW A$1,439.00

Chest Freezer 268Lt with LED

WAS A$1,340.00

NOW A$1,045.00

Chest Freezer 270L Curved Top IGC 3

WAS A$1,943.00

NOW A$1,631.00

Chest Freezer 338Lt with LED

WAS A$1,560.00

NOW A$1,217.00

Chest Freezer 352L Curved Top IGC 4

WAS A$2,371.00

NOW A$1,990.00

Chest Freezer 418L Curved Top IGC 5

WAS A$2,574.00

NOW A$2,160.00

Chest Freezer 458Lt with LED

WAS A$2,050.00

NOW A$1,599.00

Chest Freezer 484L Curved Top IGC 6

WAS A$2,801.00

NOW A$2,351.00

Commercial Chest Freezer 320 litres

WAS A$1,245.00

NOW A$971.00

Commercial Chest Freezer 520 litres

WAS A$1,560.00

NOW A$1,217.00