Warewashing is an essential utility in every hospitality or foodservice establishment. Ensuring your products are clean and properly sanitised is a major food safety undertaking. DCE Online offers a variety of dishwashers and glasswashers that offer a heavy duty and versatile solution for your kitchen. Choose from a range of commercial pass through dishwashers, rack conveyors, under counter dishwashers and glass washers that are best suited to your needs. DCE also stocks detergents, chemicals and rinse aids for our range of dishwashers.
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Washtech XG - Undercounter Glasswasher

WAS A$3,140.00

NOW A$2,449.00

Hobart ECOMAX404 Glasswasher

WAS A$4,620.00

NOW A$2,772.00

Culinaire High Performance Glasswasher

WAS A$3,790.00

NOW A$3,032.00

Hobart ECOMAX PLUS G403 Glasswasher

WAS A$6,380.00

NOW A$3,828.00

Hobart ECOMAX504 Glass and Dishwasher

WAS A$6,810.00

NOW A$4,086.00

Washtech XM - Compact Pass Through Dishwasher

WAS A$6,026.00

NOW A$4,700.00

Hobart PROFI GC Glasswasher

WAS A$7,910.00

NOW A$4,746.00

Hobart ECOMAXPLUS H603 Hood Type Dishwasher

WAS A$9,090.00

NOW A$5,454.00

Hobart FX Undercounter Dishwasher

WAS A$10,660.00

NOW A$6,396.00

Hobart AM900 Pass Through Dishwasher

WAS A$10,860.00

NOW A$6,516.00

Hobart AMX Pass Through Dishwasher

WAS A$13,090.00

NOW A$7,854.00

Hobart PREMAX FP Undercounter Dishwasher

WAS A$13,660.00

NOW A$8,196.00

Washtech TW - Undercounter Warewasher 500mm Rack

WAS A$13,739.00

NOW A$10,716.00

Hobart ECOMAX700T Utensil / Pot Washer

WAS A$20,810.00

NOW A$12,486.00