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Classeq Pass Through Dishwasher - H857

WAS A$8,490.00

NOW A$4,839.00

Classeq Undercounter Dishwasher - D500

WAS A$6,920.00

NOW A$3,737.00

Classeq Undercounter Glasswasher - G 400

WAS A$4,350.00

NOW A$2,349.00

Comenda BC3ERCD Undercounter Glasswasher

WAS A$6,000.00

NOW A$5,040.00

Comenda C1000EDPRCD Pass-Through Dishwasher

WAS A$12,435.00

NOW A$10,445.00

Comenda C800HRDPRCD Pass-Through Dishwasher

WAS A$9,940.00

NOW A$8,350.00

Comenda LB275 Undercounter Glasswasher

WAS A$3,673.00

NOW A$3,085.00

Comenda RB215 Undercounter Glasswasher

WAS A$3,128.00

NOW A$2,628.00

Eswood CI-3B Compact Glass Washer

WAS A$2,730.00

NOW A$2,293.00

Eswood SW400 Smartwash Dish/Glass Washer

WAS A$2,915.00

NOW A$2,449.00

Hobart AM900 Pass Through Dishwasher

WAS A$10,290.00

NOW A$6,174.00

Hobart AMX Pass Through Dishwasher

WAS A$12,400.00

NOW A$7,440.00

Hobart ECOMAX PLUS G403 Glasswasher

WAS A$6,040.00

NOW A$3,624.00

Hobart ECOMAX404 Glasswasher

WAS A$4,370.00

NOW A$2,622.00

Hobart ECOMAX504 Glass and Dishwasher

WAS A$6,200.00

NOW A$3,720.00

Hobart ECOMAXPLUS H603 Hood Type Dishwasher

WAS A$8,610.00

NOW A$5,166.00

Hobart FX Undercounter Dishwasher

WAS A$10,100.00

NOW A$6,060.00

Hobart PREMAX FP Undercounter Dishwasher

WAS A$11,750.00

NOW A$7,050.00

Hobart PROFI GC Glasswasher

WAS A$7,490.00

NOW A$4,494.00

Pass through dishwasher - PT-L

WAS A$17,770.00

NOW A$13,861.00

Pass through dishwasher - PT-L Energy

WAS A$25,900.00

NOW A$20,202.00

Pass through dishwasher - PT-M Energy

WAS A$22,800.00

NOW A$17,784.00

Pass through dishwasher - Winterhalter PT-500

WAS A$11,970.00

NOW A$9,337.00

Pass through dishwasher - Winterhalter PT-M

WAS A$14,850.00

NOW A$11,583.00


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