Mono Fusion Bread Plant

Mono Fusion Bread Plant

Model Number: Fusion Plant

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The Fusion Bread Plant, designed and manufactured by Mono Equipment, is the culmination of 2 years’ product development, and extensive refinement, which has resulted in one of the most efficient, accurate and flexible bread plant's available today.
Comprising a Volumetric Divider, an Intermediate Prover and a Combination Moulder, the Fusion Bread Plant is the ideal solution for the medium sized bakery producing a range of products including tin breads, bloomers, batons and French sticks.
Manufactured in hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel, this highly versatile bread plant can produce up to 960 pieces per hour and has a product weight range of between 250g - 1000g.

Product Features:

Product weight range between 250g-1000g
Produces up to 960 pieces per hour
Suitable for producing a range of products including tin breads, bloomers, batons and French sticks
180 performed plastic pockets with 10 minute proof time
Hygienic stainless steel construction, inside and out, for ease of cleaning and long-term durability
Fits in an area 3,200mm by 2,660mm
Capable of producing the perfect French stick
Available in left and right hand configuration
Exceptional accuracy of product weight, size and shape for total control of product quality and consistency
Simple one-person operation reduces labour costs
Fully automated process requires minimum intervention
Option of adding a Conical Rounder to create the ultimate dough processing machine
3 phase N plus E, 415v, 50Hz, 16A, 4.81kW

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