Mono Metro Moulder

Mono Metro Moulder

Model Number: Metro Moulder

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The Metro-Moulder is designed to produce a wide range of bread including bloomers, tin breads and small batons and will process up to 1,200 dough pieces per hour.
Dough pieces are easily fed into the Metro-Moulder and the dual sheeting rollers give a gentle reduction of the dough while two curling chains provide improved consistency of shape and size, giving a tight mould with no tails.  Teflon coatings used in the dough path prevent the dough sticking to the rollers or curling chains.
The easily-adjustable controls are simple to adjust and run, so that any baker can create a range of breads in minutes.

Product Features:

Produces up to 1,200 pieces per hour
Product weight range between 250g-1000g
Engineered in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning
Suitable for producing a range of products including tin breads, bloomers and small batons
Simple one-person operation reduces labour costs
Adjustable sheeting rollers controls the thickness of the dough piece
The rollers, scrapers and curling chains can be easily cleaned via the accessible front cover
User-friendly controls for intuitive use
Fully automated process requires minimum intervention
Small footprint fits in most environments
Teflon coatings in the dough path prevent dough sticking to the rollers or curling chains
Pressure can be easily changed to ensure correct formation of the dough piece
3 phase, 415v, 50Hz, 0.75kW

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