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“Starting or upgrading a commercial kitchen is more than just equipment.
DCE guides you through your entire hospitality journey.
Our staff include experts with combined decades of experience in the following services.”

Shop fitting and design

The first step in any commercial kitchen build is a workable design – even more so if you’re planning on implementing an open kitchen. Our staff are experts in commercial kitchen design, and can work with you to ensure your project both matches your dreams and solves your challenges.

Then, once you have the design is finalized and your equipment is purchased, our team will oversee and action the entire shop fitting process. We don’t settle for ‘good enough’, and will make certain that every item in the kitchen is properly installed and optimized for long-term performance.

Your dream kitchen build is in safe hands with DCE.

Ventilation installation

Ventilation is a vital and all-too-often overlooked part of every commercial kitchen build. The DCE team brings decades of experience to the table in ensuring that your ventilation system is properly planned and correctly installed.

We're experienced with regulatory requirements from State to State across Australia, and will ensure your kitchen ventilation is compliant not only with governmental standards, but with the fore-front of industry innovation.

Custom stainless steel fabrication

Our experienced team of stainless steel fabrication estimators can assist you in creating a safe, seamless and flowing working area. The real cost of ownership of a poorly design kitchen can add thousands of dollars of running cost to your business ultimately affecting your true bottom line.

A safe, easy to clean and functional kitchen may require a slightly dearer initial investment but will deliver thousands of dollars in labour savings during the years of operation. The cost of regular upgrade and repairs of a “patchwork quilt” style kitchens will quickly erode the very little savings that you will achieve taking shortcuts during your initial set up or refurbishment.

We pride ourselves on having helped hundreds of customers to save many thousands of dollars in the running of their businesses. By investing as little as an extra 10% over a badly design set up, we can provide you with an efficient flowing design, a safe environment for your staff and seamless work areas easy to clean and maintain clean.

Equipment service and maintenance

Once your equipment is purchased, we don’t forget about you. DCE’s equipment experts offer long-term service and maintenance agreements to ensure your equipment maintains optimal performance for the full lifespan of your kitchen. Our professional team can assist you with simple user hints that will extend the life of the equipment.

Breakdowns are inevitable and generally occur at the busiest times causing enormous disruption to your business. Prevention is the best cure; DCE can offer programmed maintenance schedules for your equipment to suit your business.

In the event of a breakdown, DCE has a large number of associated contractors in most main cities and major population areas which will be there to assist you and your business to minimise the loss. All businesses rely on their equipment, especially Aged and Health Care facilities. 24/7 service can be offered in most areas if it is imperative for your business to be functional that way.

Financing and rent-to-own

DCE has a suitable finance solution for your business needs. In most cases these solutions are so efficient that the goods will be paying for themselves by generating income and saving cost in your operation. The finance solutions range from simple leases to very flexible rental programs that offer returns, upgrades or simply own it at the end of the contract. A commercial product that depreciates in value is a business tool, as such, it should be financed to maximise tax benefits. Your business value is greatly maintained when you invest in it; if you can find a way to do this with little or no outlay of your own funds you should keep your own capital for a rainy day or invest it in promoting your establishment. Just ask our team how we can help.


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