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Dynamic Catering Equipment partners with SilverChef to provide flexible equipment finance. SilverChef is the hospitality equipment finance specialist - it's quick and easy to apply online or by phone, and SilverChef looks for ways to say 'yes'.


Benefits of SilverChef finance

- Don't wait to get the equipment you need – start now without spending your capital

- Choose from a variety of flexible finance options to suit you and your business

- Rental or lease payments may be eligible for tax deductions – talk to a professional taxation advisor to find out more.



SilverChef has provided equipment finance to more than 50,000 hospitality businesses across Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Talk to one of our friendly staff to learn more and start your application.


This unique equipment finance product lets you rent your chosen hospitality equipment for a minimum 12-month term, with flexible options. 


Calculate your rental payments


During your 12-month term

- Upgrade to upgrade to a bigger, better model at any time

- Purchase the equipment and receive a rebate on rental payments made to date.


Low monthly rental payments help with cashflow, while the equipment generates income that can help pay for itself.


After your minimum 12-month term

- Keep the option to upgrade or purchase, or

- Choose to return the equipment, or

- Continue renting at a reduced rate, or

- Work towards ownership over time with SilverChef's Easy Own product.


Fast approvals

Customers can get approved for up to $65,000 in as little as 10 minutes, in our dealership today. Simply bring your photo ID, ABN and proof of business address with you. SilverChef will also approve higher amounts subject to satisfactory additional checks.




If you’re looking to finance equipment of $10,000 and over, Lease-to-Keep provides a straightforward way to spread the cost and manage cashflow. Monthly lease payments are spread over four years and at the end of the term, the equipment is all yours.[i] Simple.


About SilverChef

SilverChef is the world's only equipment finance company dedicated exclusively to the hospitality industry. Established in 1986, SilverChef has invested more than $1bn (and counting) into the hospitality industry in Australia, New Zealand and Canada and has provided over 50,000 customers a range of financing options to help them achieve their dreams.

SilverChef's flexible finance options help hospitality entrepreneurs manage cashflow, respond to changes in the market and flex with their evolving business needs.


Learn more about financing with DCE and SilverChef today

Simply contact us on 1300 111 323 or drop into a showroom and ask about SilverChef finance to find out more about your options and what your regular low payments could be on a SilverChef plan.

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