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Orved EVOX 30 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

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Brand: ORVED

Orved, once again in its history, has been reaching a standard of excellence. We are really glad to present you the result of deep research and important technological innovations: EVOX 30. An astonishing result that could exceed our highest expectations .EVOX 30 completely innovates that idea of vacuum, joining together the best of technology, innovation, industrialization, friendly using. Compact, ergonomic, provided with a vacuum sensor, EVOX 30 is characterized by easiness of use joined to a high versatility, that allow to operate the vacuum both inside and outside the chamber really fast In the version provided with a 12mch pump, the vacuum cycle results even more rapid, such as to exceed any competitor machine. The material used to build the vacuum chamber and the lid are really innovative; Orved invested high resources to reach an absolutely excellent result.

Orved EVOX 30 Chamber Vacuum Sealer features:

Dimensions: 495mm (W) x 628mm (D) x 288mm (H)
8m3/h - 12m3/h pump
Chamber size: 355 x 365 x 184 mm
Sealing bar size: 306mm
2 vacuum levelsstorage / cooking
4 sealing settings
Chamber material: Thermoplastic with high resistance
Bodywork: Stainless steel AISI 304
Lid: Tempered glass
Use with regular or cooking vacuum bags
Origin Italy


Voltage: 240
Power: 0.53Kw
Size(mm): 495 x 628 x 288
Weight(kg): 35
Origin: Italy
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